For the purpose of this contract and unless the context indicates otherwise.


1.1: National Lottery Kiosk: Means the National Lottery branded free standing container provided to the operator which will function as a retail outlet for products and lottery tickets.


1.2:  Employees: Means an employee of the operator or an employee of an associate company and/or agent of the operator.


1.3:  Associate: Means, but is not exclusive to a company which for the time being is subsidiary or holding company of the operator or an agent, franchisee, dealer or lease holder of the operator.


1.4:  Confidential information: Means all information relating to national lottery's intellectual property and business including any information classified as such by national lottery South Sudan.


1.5:  Intellectual property: Means all intangible rights protecting the products of  Human Intelligence and creation including (but not limited to copyright  works, names or package designs, know how copyrights, graphic designs, branding, trademark, trade secrets, goodwill, patents and trade names).


1.6: know- how: Includes all confidential, verbally/spoken/communicated  information, technical and commercial information relating to the operation of the system during the currency of this agreement including without limitation, information contained in any operational  manual or other Documents together with unrecorded information known to individuals who are office bearers or employees of National  Lottery South Sudan.


1.7:  Parties: Mean the parties who are the signatories to this Agreement being National Lottery South Sudan and the operator including Successors in title, assigns and Administrators.


1.8:  Branding: Includes the set up of any signs, goods, labels and Packaging as well as the particular forms of design and Décor, labels which may from time to time be designated.


1.9  Trademarks: Means all existing registered or unregistered trademarks, Logos and brand identification as well as such future Trademarks which may be used by National Lottery.


1.10:  Trademarks: Means the trade name, National Lottery, used by National Lottery South Sudan and/or any abbreviations that National Lottery South Sudan  may use and require the operator  to use in relation to the business.


1.11: National Lottery Products: Means, inter aila, Lottery tickets, broadband services, handsets, play cards, and any other products or services.


1.12: Glossaries: Mean Lottery tickets and play cards supplies sold in the National Lottery Kiosk approved by National Lottery South Sudan. 




2.1: National Lottery South Sudan


2.1.1: Provide the operator with National Lottery branded kiosk  container which conforms to National Lottery's trading styles, color, schemes, designs, logo, deco and fixtures required for the  sale of its products.


2.1.2: Train the operator and his/her staff on how to operate the Kiosk.


2.1.3: Shall be available for consultation and advice regarding the use  of the green kiosk and /or any issues incidental thereto during normal business hours.


2.1.4: Shall be responsible for any modifications, design changes and / improvements or  which may be made on kiosk.


2.1.5: Agree to provide free of charge sale leaflets and sales aids in such quantities as it shall consider reasonable for National Lottery products sold in  the kiosk.


2.1.6: Conducts spot check inspections of the kiosk n accordance with the agreed standards.


2.2: Operators


2.2.1: Use best efforts  to promote  the sale of the National Lottery products from the kiosk.


2.2.2: Not make any reference or claim about National Lottery, the kiosk or  products  other than presenting current information that  has been published / approved by National Lottery South Sudan.


2.2.3: Only sell products  and services approved  by National Lottery South Sudan. in this regard  the operator shall not sell any alcohol  and drugs or any related  products  in the kiosk.


2.2.4: Not market, offer,  license and /or  sell other  services and/or similar products  to those sold by National Lottery or any products  belonging  to National Lottery’s competitors   in the kiosk.


2.2.5: Not use the kiosk or allow it to be used, in whole or part, for any purpose other than set out in this agreement.


2.26: Take all responsible measures to product the kiosk, all parts thereof, from abuse, damage, destruction and theft.


2.2.7: Shall be responsible for all council levies and rates, land lease rentals and employee salaries for the kiosk and National Lottery South Sudan shall not subsidize the Operator for any of these expenses.




  1. : National Lottery sells to the operator the kiosk and the operator will act as owner of the said kiosk at the price define by National Lottery


  1. : The operator shall use the kiosk for the purpose and in the manner for which it was designed for and approved by National Lottery South Sudan.


  1. : The operator shall not have any authority whatsoever to incur any liability whatsoever on behalf of National Lottery during its operation of the green kiosk including repairs of the kiosk.


  1. : The operator shall not be entitled to:
  • Sublet the kiosk
  • Cede any of its rights under  this agreement
  • Withhold  or delay payment  of any monies  which  may be due to lain  in terms of this agreement   by reason  of the  kiosk being defective  or in a state of despair  or not  functioning    for  any reason whatsoever.


  1. : National Lottery reserves the right to change location of the kiosk should the need Arise due to change of demographics and any other prevailing factors.






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